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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 21, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. >> we are live in san francisco
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where a couple is hit pie a truck in across walk. we will tell you what challenge is the driver was facing. president barack obama pushes for peace in the middle east. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning everybody, it is march 21st, i am brian flores. >> and i am pam cook. >> it was cloudy all day, a little cooler on the lows mostly sunny but no doubt about it a westerly breeze is in place, here is sal. traffic is doing well on highway 24 as you drive to the
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caldecott tunnel and also interstate 880, we are off to a good stat to the coliseum and there is roadwork being done on the upper deck, it is 4:29 let's go back to the desk. right now pg&e is on the scene of something that is affecting many customers, paul? >> reporter: good morning we are live in the bay view district, this is where it was affected and you can see there is power restored to part of the area but right down the street right here, that area is still in a blackout. here is the scene this morning, the base of the pole was burned
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and still smoldering. for some reason this live wire fell to the ground causing an outage that affected 235 paint page customers. they are working to restore power and figuring out what caused this. this could have been extremely dangerous and had somebody come into contact with that live wire or if it fell to the ground. we spoke with a rep from pg&e who said 220 people are still without power. i told crews they will be out here during daybreak to figure out what caused the outage and as you can see, they have basically disconnected it leaving it here for the
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investigation. like i said 220 people are still without power and that's a big difference since so many more were without power. a truck hit two people and they are trying to determine if weather was a factor. good morning tara. >> reporter: right now their conditions -- the conditions were clear but you could barely see across the street last night. it happened on westport tall. a pickup truck hit an elderly couple in the crosswalk. the woman's injuries were more serious. >> i would have to wait to get the update. >> the truck driver stayed on the scene after the crash.
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police say there were several accidents because of the fog to. we will have to get some reaction from people to live in the heart of this area. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> san jose police are looking into connection with two armed robberies. the suspect used a pocket knife to rob two men. one victim was slashed the other was hit in the head, neither are seriously hurt. they are being called messages of hate, coming up defending the messages, some say are antigay . right now president barack obama is visiting mahmoud abbas and the two are at a press conference and this follows meetings from
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yesterday. the president is focused on meeting both sides and what it will take to restart negotiations. he is discussing what it will -- what will happen as they fire two rockets into israel. one exploded causing damages but fortunately no injuries and the other is in a field which is ruled by has mass. police are wondering whether a standoff suspect was killed by officers or self inflicted wounds. police got because a man waving a rifle but the suspect who what not armed at of the time but went inside and pointed a
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shotgun at them. it is unclear if they fired back. >> they had about 60 rounds. >> you guys hit the deck. >> we had to, it was really loud and my grandson was terrified. police stormed the home and police actually know the person and they have dealt with him before. a coach from orinda is facing mullet he pell charges for -- pull the pell chargesp of molestation. he is accused of molesting one boy and secretly filming another boy in the bathtub. it is possible there are more boys. san jose's hp pavilion will host the games, the teams
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include st. louis university. many fans have already arrived between cam and o v. >> my son is a huge basketball fan and he is so excited to see these guys, he said it that would be dope. >> your best shot would be online and you could expect to pay $100 and pam, your bruins are there as well. >> when we said all bay areas anxiously awaiting. >> well, it is all exciting. >> it would be sick, and dope. >> let's go out and take a look at the commute, the traffic is
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objection looking at 808 westbound and we are getting a disturbing report on 280 and burn dale. police are out there looking for that person. if you are out around girl game. no problems getting into san francisco right now. if you are driving northbound 280, everything looks good, here is steve. >> there goes some of our weather, 40s on the temperatures and 50s. when i say something sick, i am talking about myself, i am kind of tired of it to be honest with you. 40s everywhere we had a lot
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warmer temperatures gusting to 23, 14 at oakland, a northerly breeze, half-moon bay, it will still be sunny especially by the coast i guess it will come out of here fast. a win is in place, a little warmer. you need more of a -- you need more of a breeze but the weekend looks good >> 3:47 new focus on a south bay train crossing. >> the safety measures and the works that would have prevent death. st. francis, what he has said about same sex couples. and we will tell you more about the morning commute, stay
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. the u.s. government is offering a reward for capturing two captives in somalia. they are members of the terror group and they may be planning attacks. both men are on the fbi's 10 most wanted lists. vice-president joseph biden said the obama administration is not giving up on assault weapons. it will not be part of a gun control senate because it does not have enough votes to pass but it could still pass an
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amendment. vice-president joseph biden is speaking about the need for gun control this morning with the mayor meek bloomberg. he met with a dozen different faiths yesterday when he was still cardinal he proposed they would legalize gay marriages but the idea was rejected. some people say they are gay and will spread hate. the punishment is ugly. now pam girl is responsible for the -- pam is responsible for the ads and she said they are tee -- designed to hurt.
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>> if this is a small price i have to pay, it is a small price. they have to run the ads because of freedom of speech but mount any will run a peace campaign at the same time as those controversial ads. >> according to new research, they favor same sex marriages and they have changed their views on the topic. it also says 44% are opposed to same sex march ram. they are avoiding a them for six months. the seek gestation --
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sequestering took affect last month. the housing in san rafael got out of hand. dozens to the out of hand and said they would not take part the organization said decisions about affordable housing should make the most of it but it region of discrimination. >> i am a citizen of the county as well. i vote, i pay taxes. >> the crowd remained relatively calm although there were a few incidents of heckling speakers and they are 2 from housing. the school board plans to close charters at the end of the school year. they begged them to stay open
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and they found their fun der funneled millions of dollars to their businesses. there have not been enough changes. >> meantime students showing their support for the governor's proposal spends its money. they want the state to spend more on education than on prison inmates. they will give based on need and like oakland who counts disadvantaged students. a student was the hit and killed by a train. 16-year-old had a passion for music and his life was cut short on tuesday when he was hit by a passing train. >> at this point in time there is nothing to indicate that this was the result of foul play or an intentional act.
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>> despite the illegal crossing signs, people who live in the area say it was frequently traveled as a shortcut. he took that home sometimes and cal train said they plan to have fans efencing up on the tracks even before his death. they are allowing small plains and they will be passing out leaflets asking congress to overturn the decision on planes. flight attendants are also asking them about focusing on explosives. and it originated in china. it appears to be the source that caused 32,000 computers to crash head yesterday afternoon. officials say it is too early
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to make blame. the online video site said 1 billion people a month watches videos and it started as a powerful force, it is if you owned by google and gives them another large scale platform for online ads. people are hoping to win a year of the famous sourdough bread. the location is on stevens boulevard and the first 100 people will receive a free loaf of bread every day for a year. this is a give away and the price is estimated to be 130,000 dollars. in honor, he will donate bread to the second harvest food
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bank. i was at that. >> it is good. it is nice they are doing that. they are talking about a wrong way driver, where is that, sal? >> yes, he was on the highway for a long time he was going the wrong way on 280 going southbound and he made it all the way to 280 before he had an accident. as you can imagine there are a lot of police officers who became involved and they have the lanes to retain. they were going 70 miles per hour in the fast lane, can you imagine that, very, very dangerous. as you come up to the toll
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plaza, everything is light no major problems and traffic is looking good, let's go to steve. sal, we have a good westerly breeze in place and in fact, most of this low cloud deck will get wiped out. >> sunny and breezy, patchy low clouds. northwest north breeze is kicking in, it is kind of a push, we will get there,
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tomorrow looks warmer and we will carry that to sunday, a little cooler on monday. >> time now is 450, aclu is taking on san francisco, the new lawsuit is watching for the watchful eyes of the law. >> it could disappear from the park. ñáçwçñ
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. the accident happened on 94th and international. the speeding driver who ran a red light appears to be at fault. >> they are being challenged by the a.c.l.u. they were arrested by a protest in san francisco. he said police handcuffed him and started working through his private messages. he started a lawsuit in san francisco. >> they are preventing police from searching cell phones without a warrant. >> right now it is legal to search for cell phones but the question has not been tested
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where the state constitution offers stricter privacy protection. they have 30 days to respond. the symphony will hold a strike and this comes as it passes the one week mark. they will perform outside where other musicians will picket. on sunday, physicians failed to reach a new contract. the council committee is recommending the city to ban smoking in all parks less than five acres. that would cover 32 of the 28 parks. time now 4:54, a public meeting will consider drastic changes and a proposal will ban bicycle and horse races at
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curry village. swimming pools at the hotel will also be torn out and on the hers set river, it would end and would come after demanding the popular park be put to worked with their setting. it looks good on northbound 101 and 280 getting to the downtown areas and it looks very good on northbound 101, bay bridge toll plaza is light, westbound and we did tell you it was caught on redwood city road and he did travel going the wrong way in the fast lane and fortunately that driver is now in police custody, 4:55
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let's go to steve. temperatures in minnesota. >> some low clouds, patchy clouds, if you get a breeze, now to north santa rosa fso, we have a pretty good breeze than will cut right through if you get that northwest winds. patchy low clouds, a northwest wind, a wee bit warmer but not too much. tomorrow looks warmer as we get more of a northerly breeze and
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your weekend looks good with some clouds coming in. time now 4:56 another threat on a bay area school this time at a peninsular, a how police are responding. we have more on the reason the lights went out on thousands of homes this morning.
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